About   Priyanta

Priyanta Sanyal was born in India. Since an early age she had been taking art lessons involving a wide variety of subjects and techniques like landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and still life using acrylic medium. However, she is mostly a self taught artist and did not really think of pursuing a career in art until recently. In fact, working full time as a Banker, she was not able to devote a lot of time to art, even as a hobby.
In 2016, she moved to Canada with her husband, and settled in Mississauga. After taking a few months to get used to her new life, she decided to take up painting again. Initially this was purely for leisure, but as time passed on, she started to think about devoting her time and energy to it full time, and make a career of it.

Priyanta have always been inspired and fascinated by the landscape vistas and found them absolutely breathtaking. Her love for travel provided her with an opportunity to explore the nature and its wilderness, allowing her to draw inspiration for her projects, time after time.

Currently, she has been focusing on landscapes that range from mountains to seasides, and are inspired by both, her own travels and her friends’.

She recently showcased her acrylic artworks at several exhibitions and art shows. Extremely pleased with her success at the Whitby Art Show two times in a row, she is now preparing for future shows, while also accepting private and custom commissions.

If you would like to get in touch with Priyanta, she can be contacted at priyanta.sanyal@gmail.com